Alliance of public and private sectors for crime prevention and safety

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The Minister of Justice and Social Affairs, Mr. Rocco Tjon, attended the first ASIS Dutch Caribbean Conference on Resilience, Cyber, and Security.

ASIS is the American Society for Industrial Security, a global community of professionals in the field of security. Its task is to protect human assets, properties, information, and more.

Alliances of these workshops are beneficial but have risks because the police corps and private security organizations work independently and have other objectives. However, according to recent studies, the benefits of having an alliance overweight the risks. That means that these alliances can improve security.

When talking about cybercrimes, we refer to one of the most diverse kinds of crime, especially transnational crimes. These are very complex and are challenging for the justice apparatus. Based on the evolutionary trajectory of cybercrimes, the justice apparatus is sharing information and knowledge with their counterparts abroad to develop a plan based on the acquired intelligence. A while ago, the Minister met with the board of the ASIS Dutch Caribbean Chapter 304, where they exchanged ideas to create better alliances to increase security and protection but also prevent cybercrimes. Often, the expertise to counterattack cybercrimes comes from other sectors. The police department does not always have the knowledge or solution to fight against these on its own. That is why alliances with other organizations provide the opportunity for an INTERPOL for example, to benefit from the cyber expertise and technology available in the public, private, and academic sectors.

Research shows that successful alliances are based on active and strong leaders and facilitators, and continuous communication, structural meetings, and training. At the same time, the main obstacles to efficient collaboration are the lack of information exchange, distrust, and misinformation. The judicial apparatus needs to work closely with private security organizations and share knowledge with others on their professional capacities, It needs to provide training and assign who is in the best position to address various issues and an inventory of the abilities.

Minister Tjon believes in the alliance between the police department and the private security organizations due to other challenges within the judicial apparatus, such as finance and personnel, which can improve with these alliances.

β€œTo create and keep a secure community is not only the responsibility of the police department; it requires broad alliances with the community, private sector, and other Government departments to create laws and efficient and effective practices based on evidence”. The Minister remarked.