Acoustic Parade organized by Chico Harms Foundation with great atmosphere

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Sunday afternoon, the town of Brazil, Aruba was having a party with the Acoustic Parade organized by the Chico Harms Foundation, which kickstarted a series of activities which will end on the 4th of September with a big parade, ‘Cultural Folklore of Brazil’.

Around 4pm, the five groups dressed with different outfits and colorful dresses was ready and waiting for the call to depart, while a few clouds with rain passing by. Afterwards they began walking in the parade, accompanied by acoustic music played by some of the participants.

Francisco ‘Chico’ Harms expressed that they were very happy seeing the enthusiasm that the participants displayed after two years without this activity, which had to be canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are well prepared and it was very pretty, I think a lot of people are going to find out what we meet with this, without any electricity”, he said.

Compared to the first time, Harms says that there were more people taking part. After they departed from the church at Brazil, they arrived at the Community Centre in Brazil to continue celebrating this first activity for 2022.

Leo Harms said: “This is the culture of Aruba, this is our identity”, and through the parade any person could express this identity and where they come from. “From what existed before you were born, what you were taught and what you want for the future generation of culture of Aruba”, he says.

Because he is also a member of the foundation, Leo Harms says that they want for the participants, and the whole of Aruba, to know that ‘this is us. Don’t forget what Aruban culture is’.

He says that he felt really happy and glad seeing the groups that were participating, and how many are registering to participate in the big parade which will take place on the 4th of September. Right now, there are already 10 groups registered, which for the foundation means a great satisfaction that the interest hasn’t died but rather continues growing.

As part of the activities, on the 23rd and 30th of Juli they have organized the Street Song Festival of Aruba They have also planned the Cultural Folklore Queen election – the kids category will take place on the 20th of August and the Cultural Lady and Great Cultural Lady is planned for the 27th of August.

Furthermore, on the 27th of August will take place the show for the Lady or Great Lady. For the 2nd of September is planned the Lantern Parade in Brazil, which this year marks five years. For this parade, people take up the streets with lanterns. To finalize, on the 4th of September will take place the main parade, ‘Cultural Folklore of Brazil’, which will count with the participation of five bands and five discos.