A.T.A. and San Nicolas Business Association focusing on tourism development in San Nicolas

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Recently, Aruba Tourism Authority held a meeting with San Nicolas Business Association (SNBA) to discuss a variety of topics important for San Nicolas and for Tourism. Among other things, they discussed different ongoing projects that A.T.A is a part of, as well as projects that are underway relating to the enhancing of the product and experiences in San Nicolas, as well as the promotion of San Nicolas.

Focus points include the branding of San Nicolas, the restoration of the ladder at Rodger’s Beach and the following steps regarding this; projects from the so-called ‘amenities committee’ which is focused, among other things, on a new attraction in San Nicolas; the tourism office in San Nicolas; Master Plan Seroe Colorado; information signs; and various events, including Aruba Art Fair.

During this meeting, Armando Goedgedrag also explained the idea behind the new mural that he painted, commissioned by A.T.A.

The parties were pleased with the work of Armando, which continues elevating a cultural and artistic centre in San Nicolas, decorated with various murals. Through Aruba Art Fair, the following edition of which will take place this November, they will continue promoting this aspect.

In the following months, they will continue working together with various partners on new projects for San Nicolas. A.T.A. hopes to continue counting with the community’s support for these projects, and will remain in close contact with San Nicolas Business Association.