A camera and a happy photographer

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

The cover picture of the Aruba Today Facebook page shows a picture of a different local photographer every couple of months. We just love culture and would like to support our local talents, therefore Aruba Today chooses to be a platform for showcasing art.

The newest cover picture is the work of the local resident Michael Arends. Before him we had the honor to showcase the art of photographers Michael-Anthony, Anuar Habibe, Armando Goedgedrag, Jonathan Petit and Jeroen Lucas from Aruba Paradise Photos and Julien de Bats alias One Happy Photographer.

Michael Arends, born and raised in Aruba in the city of Savaneta, is a very lovely gentlemen who has a great love for nature, culture and everything that is related to his beloved island of Aruba. As a good ‘Savanetero’ he enjoys swimming in the ocean. A while ago he encountered some health issues and in order to help him he decided to go for a swim every day. Amazed by the greatness and beauty that lies beneath the water he decided to take his camera with him and capture every moment while snorkeling. Photography has become his hobby. He uploads all his pictures on his facebook page, that way everyone is able to enjoy these beauties. He usually goes to Mangel Halto, tres trapi and many other areas where he takes extraordinary pictures. Michael also has a very special ‘turtle’ friend who loves taking pictures with him. Mr. Turtle just can’t get enough of the camera.

Take a look at Michael’s facebook page and feel free to chat with him. Facebook page: Michael Arends.