10 Simple tips investing in your well-being

Life is too short to feel stressed, irritated. The responsibilities and fast pace you have each day can be challenging to juggle. When you allow yourself to take time off from your busy schedule for a vacation with your family or friends, you begin to clear your thoughts. Think of this time as an investment in your well-being.

Let go of the struggles you may have been experiencing so you can feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Your time away will clear your mind and do wonders in boosting your creativity and problem-solving abilities. This may take a little time; however, those negative thoughts that were front and center will float away. Shift away from focusing on what is frustrating you, to finding a solution to what your concern is.

Years ago, it was a struggle for me to leave and unplug on vacation. When I did take time off, I would bring work and not fully relax. What I discovered was that I was missing out on enjoying all the beauty around me at the moment. I had anxiety surrounding the idea that I had to be engaged in work or was going to miss something. Eventually, I learned it was up to me to make necessary changes that would allow me to enjoy the time while being off and not at work.

To ease concerns, I took a proactive approach and planned to streamline a portion of my processes before going away. It was this shift in thinking that finally allowed me to leave with my mind at ease, knowing everything would work out because I pre-planned, and created a solid plan before leaving for vacation. What a valuable lesson in letting go. Now when I go on vacation, I fully enjoy my time away with my family and friends.

Are you relaxing now while you are away or going through the motions? Don’t waste those precious moments. You will soon be back to your normal routine. When you return home, begin to invest in your well-being daily by using the simple tips below.

10 Simple Tips Investing in Your Well-Being

  1. Start your day with a positive attitude, and be grateful for what you have now.
  2. Establish a daily routine that gives you pleasure. Do what you love.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up if you stray from your plan for a day. The following day starts again.
  4. Choose to be gentle with yourself and do things in moderation.
  5. Do something you have never done before. If you feel fear, do it anyway.
  6. Read a book for the fun of it.
  7. Take a walk outside in nature.
  8. Be mindful of what foods you are eating.
  9. Help others. Sharing is caring.
  10. Stop worrying about what other people think of you and start trusting yourself.

Whether on vacation or in life, it’s good to relax, unwind, and take time for you. Don’t spend your days worried, stressed, and frustrated. Every day, you have choices to make. Decide now to make your well-being a top priority. Enjoy today doing the things you love instead of thinking about what might happen next.  Take one action step today so you can feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. It’s your time to have fun and enjoy life right now.

About Bonnie Gortler:

Bonnie Gortler, the Wealth & Well-Being Coach, is a successful stock market expert who has been instrumental in managing multi-million-dollar client portfolios within a top-rated investment firm during her over 35-year corporate career.  As the author of “Journey to Wealth”, Bonnie has made it her mission to share the importance of risk management and how to enjoy true financial well-being by applying the technical and mental sides of investing. Bonnie has an M.B.A. in Business Administration and is a certified life coach. Visit BonnieGortler.com to learn more about investing, well-being, and personal development.