Workshop held about available funds for projects related to the history of slavery in Aruba

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(Oranjestad)—On Friday morning, an informative and educational workshop was held in regards to the Dutch foundations, namely the Mondriaan Fondation and the Foundation for Cultural Participacion that are available to give support to projects related to the commeration of 160 years of slavery abolition in the Dutch kingdom.

This workshop was made possible thanks to a collaboration between the Ministery of Culture of Aruba, The Commission for Slavery Awareness Aruba, National Library of Aruba, Foundation for Cultural Participation and Mondriaan Foundation. Cultural advisors at the Mondriaan Foundation and FCP were present to provide information in regards to current arrangements and available funds for projects and initiatives for the 6 island in the Dutch Caribbean, The Netherlands and Surinam in order to bring awareness on the history and effects of slavery. The workshop was modernized by Yolanda Richardson and given by Dyonna Bennett, Gyonne Goedhoop and Tibisay Sankatsing Nava.

The informative and interactive workshop

The program consisted of one informative section and an interactive section. During the first half of the morning, an extensive presentation was given about who can and how to apply for funding, focus points of each foundation and the importance about the impact of every initiave regarding the topic of slavery awareness. These focal points vary in the ability to develop different perspectives on the history of slavery, establishing networks of community, expanding the ability of the communities to help themselves and stimulate the healing process.

During the interactive section of the workshop, work groups were formed and based on concrete examples, participants were guided through the thinking and writing process to come up with the best ways to make their ideas concrete when filling in applications for funding. To make this possible, three key questions were posed that will help each petitioner during orientation. These three questions were: 1. What is the role of the community involved and who is involved?; 2. What is the goal and impact of the project?; 3. Identify key partners to collaborate with.

The goal is to get more people approved for available funding to make their ideas concrete

Minister Xiomara Maduro opened and closed the workshop to highlight the goal of this workshop, which is to get more people approved for available funding to make their ideas concrete. It is known that there are various initiatives of individuals with difficulties to get funding for their ideas. By receiving concrete information and extensive explanation on different questions and concerns surrounding finance, those interested can realize their ideas regading awareness on the history and abolition of slavery on Aruba.

Thank you to those who lend a hand

Minister Maduro expressed her gratitude to the National Library of Aruba, moderator Yolanda, representatives from the Dutch foundations, Dyonne, Gyonne, Tibisay and all the participants for their positive contribution to the workshop. The Minister of Culture hopes to see more people in Aruba collaborate with each other so they can be successful in their petition for funding for projects that will surely contributed to the expansion of Aruba’s culture.