We are back on Press Day

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Aruba dedicates the first day of September to their media on Press Day. Today we also celebrate to be back as an independent newspaper after months of forming a newspaper together with our sister Bon Dia Aruba. This due to the COVID-19 situation which forced us to find a creative solution to get through rough times. We are so delighted and over excited to be available again for you, our loyal and appreciated readers. So, welcome back. Enjoy the read!

This day we emphasize the importance of freedom of speech and independent press. As media we are responsible to maintain our neutral vision and independent position, a topic that often is being discussed during the COVID-19 crisis. It is essential to defend the fundamental principles of press freedom and to assess the state of press freedom throughout the world. This day pays attention to the media attacks on their independence and also to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives.

Both newspapers, Aruba Today and Bon Dia Aruba are part of Caribbean Speed Printers N.V. which is responsible for the production, printing and distribution. The company was incorporated on April 4th, 1990 by John A. Chemaly Sr. and specializes in newsprint publications with the latest in printing technology on its premises. Aruba Today, the only English and free newspaper on the island, has subscribed to the Associated Press (AP) and provides readers with the latest international news from the repertoire of AP writers and columnists. We also publish local news that is of interest to our visitors as well as our locals. Bon Dia Aruba is a Papiamento newspaper and has a trusted image. About 30 employees make sure that both newspapers are ready for you six days a week. The work is an ongoing 24-hour process of the departments administration, sales, editorial, lay-out, pre-press, press and distribution.