Warm message from New York

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Aruba Today is always connected to our beloved followers and readers, many of them from the U.S. We welcome you to send us your thoughts and share with us your experiences during this hard times where we wish you were here and you love to enjoy our tropical paradise right at this moment. Today we would like to share with you a beautiful message from the New York family Fair.

“Here in New York we have been hit especially hard by the present crisis. Everyone now knows of someone we have lost. But as I sit, unable to leave my home, one comfort that I take is in my thoughts and memories of Aruba and the beauty of its landscape and its people.

My family and I have been going to Aruba for over 30 years, with my wife and I having had our honeymoon there in 1989. In more recent years we have been fortunate enough to visit three or four times a year, often with our adult children. We have many wonderful friends on the island, some who have visited us here in New York.

I know Aruba to be a very special place, and my life and my family’s lives have been forever enriched by having discovered it.

These are and will be tough times for all of us, and I wanted to make sure that I took a moment to express my appreciation to the people of Aruba for allowing us to be guests in your great country building lifelong memories and friendships that we will always cherish.

My family and I would like to wish the citizens of Aruba all the best. Stay strong, be well and stay safe.

We will see you very soon!


David Fair, Linda Fair and family”