Vaccination Status in Aruba

FILE - In this Jan. 21, 2021 file photo a medical staff member prepares the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Tudor Ranch in Mecca, Calif. With vaccination against COVID-19 in full swing, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter say they’ve stepped up their fight against misinformation that aims to undermine trust in the vaccines. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)
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According to Aruba leads as a country in the Caribbean with the highest vaccines administered per 100 inhabitants.

Aruba’s recovery appears to be on the right track. Tourists are excited to travel again and are looking for a travel destination where a high percentage of their population has been vaccinated. A destination where they can be sure that the spread of the virus is limited or minimal. Aruba is now the island in the Caribbean with the highest number of people vaccinated per 100 inhabitants and ranks second in the world as the best vaccinated country. This is certainly reason enough to be proud as a country

According to Ronella Croes, CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority, testing for visitors will be dropped when collective immunity is reached in Aruba. Herd immunity will be reached when 85% of the local population is vaccinated. Herd immunity is important for the island, because it means being on the road to recovery for the health of our local people, tourism and economy. The vaccination rate has to be increased in order to reach the island’s goal of 85% vaccinations of the population. Right now 60.000+ locals had been vaccinated. This represents 62% of the island’s population. A total of 67% of the population over 60 years old are fully vaccinated. The more locals vaccinate, the less chance there is of the virus infecting new people and keep on mutating into different strains, which our current vaccines offer no protection against. Vaccinations are taking place on appointments, including door to door efforts to reach all neighborhoods on the island.

Vaccination Status in Aruba

These are the local stats regarding corona vaccination as of May 19, 2021.

  • 62.914 locals are vaccinated
  • 12.170 locals received 1st dose
  • 50.744 locals received 2nd dose
  • 113.658 total vaccines applied

As of June 1, 2021 locals who are fully vaccinated are allowed to travel to and from Aruba, without the requirement to do a corona test.

Wearing a face masks is still mandatory in Aruba even if you are fully vaccinated, for both residents and visitors.