Vacation Mode

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Summer is here and with summer comes vacation time for most. Of course Aruba and other Caribbean destinations are the go to places for most on the East Coast, however summer for us is also the beginning of Hurricane season. One of the things most hotels do during the season is start preparing the facilities just in case of anything and we are more alert than ever about weather conditions.

The start of June here has been no different, maintenance is busy cleaning out the gutters, securing any loose panels and generally making sure our generators are working properly. The security team is busy replenishing first aid supplies in every department, scheduling emergency response trainings and doing drills to keep everyone sharp and on their toes. All in an effort to ensure we are prepared in case of any eventuality.

The current season so far has been relatively calm so far as is the standard for June, however we have been experiencing unusual amounts of dust blowing off the sub Saharan cost. Which is why it looks near foggy in the distances and also higher than normal winds. It’s the reason why the Aruba hi-winds competition is held during these months it’s perfect wind and beach conditions. Of course we have had near constant wind advisories and rough water advisories.

If you’re staying at the high rise hotels this isn’t that much of a problem since the waters on that end are mostly calm. However if you’re staying on the low rise side between Bucuti and Costa Linda and our hotel in particular Casa Del Mar the waters can be a bit more active due to being on a point. It’s great for some light boogie boarding most times, but once the advisories kick up the water takes on a life of its own and can be tough even for the best of swimmers.

It’s one of those times where even if you’re in vacation mode, you need to be much more alert and careful of the water before going in. Recently there have been a few incidents at some of the beaches resulting in minor incidents such as a sprained ankle by someone who got hit by a rogue wave to a few more serious injuries.

Every hotel has security staff and all employees as stated are trained in first aid, emergency response and living on an island we are all capable of swimming or taught how to swim. It doesn’t mean though that any members of staff or security are trained in rescue swimming and certainly we don’t have the appropriate equipment to perform rough water rescues. That’s the reason why personal responsibility is important and knowledge of your physical condition and swimming ability. On days when there are strong currents, the best thing to do is stay at the shallow end of the water or better yet use the pool. If drunk then please stay away from the sea all together, it’s ridiculous how many times staff have to fish drunk people out of the water.

So this summer keep in mind we are doing our best to ensure you have a fun and safe vacation and we hope you vacation responsibly too for your sake and ours. Q