Treating Blood Pressure Problems [hypertension]

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Hypertension, high blood pressure is a risk factor associated with heart attacks and strokes. Blood pressure readings involve two number, one above the other. The top number, which is also the higher of the two numbers, measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats, that is, when the heart muscle contracts. The top number is called the Systolic number. The bottom number, the Diastolic, which is also the lower of the two numbers, measures the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats (when the heart muscle is resting between beats and refilling with blood).

I consider abnormal blood pressure to be more than 140/90. Like an overinflated tire or balloon, that can rupture, a burst blood vessel in the brain causes a stroke and in the heart blood vessels that are blocked or broken can cause a heart attack. When the largest artery in the body, the aorta, is torn or ruptured, traumatic aortic rupture is a life- threatening condition. Blood pressure problems should not be ignored and should instead, if possible, be treated with natural supplements.

Clinically, I have found that there are many reasons that produce high blood pressure, weak blood, or anemia, high cholesterol, pre- diabetes, stress, tight blood vessels or liver problems. Fortunately, we can treat many of the different reasons that develop hypertension with natural dietary supplements made from organic food.

Low blood count reduces your blood’s ability to carry oxygen through your body. To compensate, your heart starts beating faster and stronger. Blood pressure rises. The human body needs vitamin B12 to make red blood cells, nerves, DNA, and carry out other functions. The average adult should get 2.4 micrograms a day. Like most vitamins, B12 can’t be made by the body. Instead, it must be gotten from food or supplements. In older people, B12 deficiency has been linked to dementia. This deficiency has also been linked to other neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Individuals who experience even slightly reduced levels of vitamin B12 also tend to have elevated homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid used normally by the body in making energy and making muscles. Elevated concentrations in the blood are thought to increase the risk for heart disease by damaging the lining of blood vessels and increasing the risk of blood clot formation. Always make sure you are taking a B complex with your B 12 or other B’s. They work best together.

When I studied and worked as a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor in Shanghai one of our principle natural medicines was rice that had a yeast or fungus growing on the grains. The yeast called Monascus purpureus, turns the rice a red color. Called Red yeast rice, it has a long history of use as both a food and a medicine in China. Red yeast rice contains natural monacolin K, which has properties very similar to cholesterol-lowering prescription medications known as statins. Besides helping the liver convert the cholesterol into a healthier bile, clinical tests have looked at the benefits of red yeast rice to treat other cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension, high blood pressure.

With low, weak blood or low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, the body tightens or constricts the blood vessels to increase oxygen and glucose movement. Constriction of the blood vessels is the body’s way to raise the blood pressure. By narrowing the passage in the blood vessels, blood flows more slowly to the organs and the arms and legs. I prescribe Biotin supplementation to reduces systolic blood pressure by helping arteries be smoother and able to relax more. Mari Watanabe-Kamiyama reported in the British Journal of Nutrition that biotin has beneficial effects on hypertension and the frequency of stroke.

Biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy.

The word biotin comes from the ancient Greek word “biotos,” which means “life” or “sustenance.” B vitamins, and specifically biotin, help keep your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy. Biotin is also a crucial nutrient during pregnancy, as it’s important for embryonic growth.

When a new patient has blood pressure of 140 over 90 or more, I do a blood test to check for Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes). The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse reports high blood sugar contributes to high blood pressure. One of the proposed uses of the herb milk thistle is to lower blood sugar levels, which may ultimately cause a decrease in blood pressure. Mayo Clinic states animal and laboratory research found milk thistle may be capable of lowering high cholesterol levels. If this is true, milk thistle may help lower blood pressure by eliminating excessive cholesterol within the arteries. For centuries natural physicians have used milk thistle to help the liver detoxify.

Get the Point! Years ago, nutritionists would take your blood pressure, have you eat one food and check your blood pressure ten minutes later. If your blood pressure rose more than ten points, that food was considered to be intolerant, or not good for you. The food – blood pressure connection is well established. Thankfully, we can use natural food dietary supplements to help control our blood pressure naturally.q

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