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Photography is a fascinating art. The photographer takes you into his world and makes you look at a certain topic through his eyes. The reflection of emotions that counted for that moment touch your senses and many times a picture tells a story without speaking. Aruba has talented photographers, young, eager, creative and with their own, particular style. Aruba Today presents to you one of these amazing personalities and a sip of his work.

Jonathan Petit
The jolly, always polite Jonathan Petit is a seen photographer on the island. He seems to be everywhere and he is a flexible person to work with. “I am 24 years old and a wedding & fashion photographer based on the island of Aruba. My style is very much concept driven as I work closely with my clients to understand their vision and help them find unique locations that reflect their sentiments. Working on a small island never limited my creativity.” –

The actual cover picture of Aruba Today’s facebook page is the work of this talented photographer. We just love culture and would like to support our local talents, therefore Aruba Today chooses to be a platform for showcasing art. q


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