Three heroic boys who saved a turtle: Luca, Ivan and Alexander

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Thanks to the prompt reaction of three brave boys a turtle’s life was saved. The turtle was entangled and had problem breathing due to the consequences of throwing waste in the ocean.

Thanks to the prompt reaction and an act of caring these boys, Luca, Ivan and Alexander, were able to save the life of the turtle. The three boys were swimming in the Arashi area and saw a sea turtle that appeared to be entangled, and had problem breathing. It appeared it had something lodged in its throat. They bravely approached the animal and took it out of the water. They noticed that the turtle was wrapped in fishing line and a rope, even its fins and especially its throat forcing it to breathe with difficulty.

They contacted Phillip Merryweather of the Philip’s Animal Garden immediately. Philip rushed to the Contreras Veterinary Clinic (Convet) whose staff assisted immediately. After a couple of hours of treatment the turtle was released. For Philip it was the best feeling seeing that the turtle was out of danger.

Philip would like to address all fisherman out there and anyone who shares the ocean with these beautiful creatures to be always mindful of what you throw as waste in the ocean, you never know where it will end up and also you never know what harm it can cause to others. What may seem as an innocent irresponsible act can have great consequences.

Should you see any animal in danger or needs rescuing, please contact Philip Merryweather any time of the day at 593-5363.

About Philip’s Animal Garden
Philip’s Pet Collection Foundation, is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing exotic animals on Aruba and the region. It was established in 2009. This is the only organization rescuing and rehabilitating exotic animals in Aruba, which has resulted in an amazing collection of animals. They provide a suitable living environment for all the rescued animals.  The owner, Philip, has built this shelter with his own hands_ from designing all structures, welding them to constructing all the cages from raw materials. His goal is to upgrade the facilities to a world-class animal shelter with veterinary care and round-the-clock staff. With the input from the Aruban community and visitors they provide the best care for these animals.

Philip’s Animal Garden is located at Alto Vista 116 in Noord. They are open Monday-Friday 9AM-5Pm and Saturday-Sunday 9AM-6PM.q