The yearly training called “Barracuda Warrior” has been completed

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The yearly military training, called “Barracuda Warrior”, this year the training took place in Curaçao from January 15th to January 29th. This training brought together several units from the Dutch Caribbean Region, under which the Marine Squadron Carib from Aruba, the Marine detachment from Saint Maarten, the Boat platoon from Curacao, the Brigade in the West and a platoon from the Curaçao military operate. In total, 185 Soldiers participated in this training.

The objective of the exercise was to reinforce the cooperation between the diverse units which normally are stationed on several different islands. The activities during Barracuda Warrior entail amongst other things, shooting exercises, amphibious runs (both day and night), operating in urban areas and simulating planned and unplanned attacks.

The Soldiers from Curaçao are increasingly participating each time in major military exercises in the context of professionalizing the Caribbean military. In addition to that, joint training increases operational effectiveness in the Dutch Caribbean Region.

Barracuda Warrior remains an important military exercise to promote the readiness and cohesion of maritime and land forces in the Caribbean. This supports the Defense’s mission in the Caribbean: rendering peace and security in the region.