The crisis team explains Covid policy at the border

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After the Crisis Team announced the new border policy to prevent a possible spread of the Delta variant, they noticed some confusion about its implementation.

This regulation is related to the testing for travelers visiting from one of the higher risks countries. The measure reintroduced at the entry port at the airport by the Crisis Team is not entirely new.

The regulation is that all travelers, both residents as tourists, should prove a negative Covid test result, not older than 72 hours when entering Aruba. Travelers must upload the test results on the Aruba Health App or undergo testing upon arrival at the airport. The difference is for the traveler itself. An uploaded negative test result gives the traveler immediate admission. The traveler who opted to get tested at the airport must wait at their hotel or home and in self-quarantine while waiting for the test result. The test result can take up to 24 hours. Travelers can proceed undisturbed with their vacation if their result is negative. If the test result is positive, the traveler must stay in isolation. The DVG and the ATA are in charge of this process.

To be clear, travelers arriving in Aruba should NOT automatically be quarantined for 14 days. This policy was slightly adapted to make the entrance to Aruba easier for those vaccinated. The authorities in Aruba have opted to make this policy stricter again for everyone due to the current alarming situation of the Delta variant in many countries. This is in an attempt to keep the community safe and the economy from being affected again by this virus.

High-risk countries are:

Seychelles- Cyprus- Fiji- Mongolia- Tunisia- Namibia- United Kingdom- Colombia- Cuba- Kuwait- Argentina- Spain- Botswana- South Africa- Netherlands- Oman- Georgia- Costa Rica- Portugal- Malaysia- Panama- Suriname- Andorra- Brazil- Maldives- Kyrgyzstan- Iran- Iraq- Luxembourg- Libya- Paraguay- Greece- Uruguay- Russia- Kazakhstan- Malta- United Arab Emirates- Chile- Saint Kitts & Nevis- Monaco- Indonesia- Zimbabwe- Guatemala- Bahamas- Trinidad & Tobago- Ireland- Denmark.

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