The Commission Celebration National Holidays and the National Library organize a kite workshop and exposition

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Kite flying is part of our culture, and every year in April, kite-flying and competitions take place in the neighborhoods.

The Minister of Culture, Xiomara Maduro, requested the Commission Celebration National Holidays to approach the National Library to organize a kite-making workshop for our children and youth. They will exhibit all kites in the exhibition room at the National Library located at the George Madurostraat.

The workshop takes place Wednesday, April 19, at the National Library at George Madurostraat from 3.00 to 5.00 pm. Places are limited. You can call 5281500 to register children five years or older.

Mr. Julio Werleman will present the workshop. All the kite making material is free for all participating children. At the end of the workshop, they will exhibit the kites on April 21, 24, and 25 in the National Library’s Diamond Room for the public to visit. After the exhibit, the children will receive their kites.

Commission Celebration National Holidays, the Ministry of Culture, and the National Library deem it essential to educate our children on the kite tradition and how to make a kite.

The Commission Celebration National Holidays also requests the organizations holding events in connection with King’s Day 2023 to send them the pertaining information at to include it in there to be published calendar of activities.