The Classroom Edition of the Global Money Week Aruba (GMWA) 2021 was a great success

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The GMWA 2021 – Classroom Edition took place during May through June, 2021. This year’s GMWA 2021-Classroom Edition focused on financial education in the form of digital lectures in the classroom. During this period, the digital lectures provided to the elementary school Colegio Sagrado Curason and Reina Beatrix covered three (3) themes which were: (1) Spend & Save, (2) Earn, and (3) Share. The Classroom Edition resulted in a total of twenty-five (25) presentations by the participating students. For each theme, the group with the best content was rewarded with a prize. The winning groups were from the elementary school Colegio Sagrado Curason. Congratulations to the three winning groups.

During the digital lectures, students learned how to save and manage money wisely, business canvas concepts of entrepreneurship, and the importance of giving back to the community. Afterwards, students had to work in teams on a project related to their theme concluding with a presentation. Students were able to choose the theme they were most interested in. It was an honor having the opportunity to organize financial education program for students once again and to be able to see all the great presentations with innovative and creative ideas. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this project. Positive feedback was received from both students and teachers. According to a survey on GMWA-Classroom Edition, the surveyed teachers indicated that the students learned how to work together as a team and developed communication and leadership skills. The students were also able to show their creativity during their final project. The surveyed students indicated that they liked the lecture and project content of the GMWA-Classroom Edition, and that they learned new skills. This year’s GMWA-Classroom Edition was a great success, thanks to Banco di Caribe, ENNIA Aruba, the Government of Aruba (IDEA), Guardian Group Fatum, Kiwanis Club of Aruba, Museo Arqueologico Nacional Aruba, and Qredits for their continued collaboration.

The CBA believes in empowering our youth with the necessary financial skills for the future. As such, the CBA deems it of utmost importance to organize financial education events in collaboration with its partners for Aruban students. The CBA & GMWA would like to take this opportunity to thank Colegio Sagrado Curason and Reina Beatrix School for their participation. For more information about GMWA please visit and follow our Facebook and Instagram page ‘Global Money Week Aruba’.