The Caribbean can bring fresh ideas to the world

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By ir. Damien Richardson

Actions speak louder than words. It is pivotal to use Caribbean data as a new communication tool to let leisure and opportunities lead to new regional ventures. The Caribbean should begin executing a regional vision and encourage the diaspora to collaborate and invest in a joint vision.

A united vision can be expressed in three key aspects. Firstly, it is a privilege and benefit to enjoy being home in the Caribbean. Secondly, taking comfort in the fact that there are ample opportunities available to live and grow these cultural advancements and attributes in a sustainable and qualitative manner. Ultimately, having the confidence that people can live in a ‘human threat free’ community, where there are no worries about natural threats and the disturbance to our state of normalcy.

The joy of being home.
The stress-free environment of the Caribbean is a key asset that distinguishes the Caribbean from many other areas of the world. It is important for Caribbeans, whether living in the region or in the diaspora, to know that it is a joy being home in the Caribbean. The evolution of the idea to take off your shoes and have relaxed moments, can be considered the corner stone; the hall mark of the Caribbean experience. Most locals in the region take this for granted.

There are several key issues that one can focus on. For one, structuring the ability to merge the feeling or experience of being at home in the Caribbean with the ability to adequately provide for one’s family. Another issue is the ability to have more freedom to define daily activities and find a balance between work and leisure. And finally, being able to actually enjoy the Caribbean experience knowing that it is the envy of the rest of the world.

Being exposed, having the flexibility, and the rare treat to reach out and touch each island in the region is a great excitement. So is the ability to travel to any desired international destination from the Caribbean. Understanding the Caribbean context can be used as a positive motivation to inspire and recognize the value of what it means ‘to be home in the Caribbean’.

Plentiful opportunities.
There are enough opportunities available in the Caribbean that allow the Caribbean citizens to live in a sustainable and qualitative manner.

The Caribbean region should know what each island has to offer and provide a true analytical measure to help individual businesses and young ventures. It will recognize that their added value plays an essential role and is a privilege. Developing connected industry data centers for the Caribbean will enable to profile regionally what the capacity of the region looks like. In the key industries, it will help structure a true social and market support expression. It will provide the region with the ability to observe patterns, encourage innovation and help young and mature entrepreneurs develop new strategies. Understanding the connective industries will require a cultural curve. It will also initiate a new ‘technical language’ with terms like Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0. Industry 4.0. Simply stated, it refers to the use of technology in every aspect of our industrial manufacturing processes. While Society 5.0 speaks to the condition of technology being incorporated into every aspect of social life, meaning people living in smart societies.

The Caribbean is potentially the ideal place for all forms of individual, family, and business leisure activities. The majority of the islands in the Caribbean are still looking to tourism as their main economic pillar. However, over the last decades more and more alternative economic alternatives for stability have begun to evolve and mature. Some of the industries of note are the music industry, the fashion industry, the sports industry, the culinary industry, and in certain areas the agricultural industry. The main question is, what’s next?

A flourishing community.
The Caribbean region has the potential for living in a ‘human-threat-free’ community, which is resistant to natural disasters. Being able to meet this challenge will be a final support that will encourage the people of the Caribbean to feel safe. They can enjoy a healthy Caribbean-based work career while being home and being able to properly explore and innovate many of the necessary developments that will be needed for this new Caribbean condition.

The Caribbean will benefit once it identifies a formal structure that embraces a new and innovative vision. For instance, strengthening its position in the regional yachting industry by developing super yacht maintenance and service centers and niche supplies. It is also essential to have a better understanding of the fishing and produce industries.

A necessary level of clarity and flexibility exists within the context of the many changing industries. The fast pace that technology is causing our global community to change from day to day, as the South Korean saying goes “Pali-Pali”, quick and quicker. The timeframe of change is rapid. It becomes even more necessary to define niche markets and to facilitate relearning programs. These are necessary to help innovate alternative products and strategies for the Caribbean region going forward.

The Caribbean is ready to define its foundation and become a region that will help bring fresh ideas to the world and open new avenues for diverse opportunities and innovative ventures.