Ten local citizens recently awarded with Royal Medal of Honor

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(Oranjestad)—On April 26th, one day before the king’s birthday, ten exemplary local citizens of Aruba have been awarded the Royal Medal of honor, presented by the His Excellence Alfonso Boekhoudt, Governor of Aruba. Three honorees were honored as ‘Knights in the Order of Orange-Nassau’, while the remaining seven were honored as ‘Members in the Order of Orange-Naussau’. The ceremony took place at the ceremonial home of the governor.

These knights were given a medal for their extraordinary volunteer work that they have been doing for many years, contributing to the well-being and education of the Aruban society. This honoring is not only a demonstration of gratitude, but also a source of inspiration.

In order to be considered for a Royal Medal of Honor, a citizen must do volunteer work outside of their regular working hours. They must contribute one way or another to sports, scouting, culture, religious aspects, social work and more. Many people on Aruba dedicate themselves to volunteer work in these areas y are also capable of being considered for a Royal Medal of Honor.

Citizens who have been honored as Knights in the Order of Orange-Nassau:

• Mr. Carlos Juan Benicio Albertus

• Mr. Goswino Adolfo Oduber

• Mr. Frank Albert Williams

Citizens who have been honored as Members in the Order of Orange-Naussau:

• Ms. Diana Margarita Flanders

• Mr. Emile André Ignatius Herdé

• Ms. Martiline Louise Hodge-Henry

• Mr. Giantonio Angelo Muller

• Ms. Angelique Liseth Perez-Kelly

• Ms. Nataly Maria Simmons-Thompson

• Ms. Mathilda Juanita Wijnaar

Soon the registry will be open to the public to propose extraordinary citizens who have contributed their time and passion for volunteer work with the goal to improve the quality of life of the Aruban community. Next year, another group of citizens will be picked to receive their Medal of Honor.