On Sunday, February 25th: The Ostrich Farm Organizes its First Farmers Market!

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AYO – On February 25th the Ostrich farm will organize its first farmers market. The farmers market is to promote products and artwork that is made and produced in Aruba.

More and more local farmers are active growing vegetables, fruits farming animals such as chicken and pigs and selling it to the public. You have locals that make their own wine and liqueur like Monti Fierno, that make vegetarian delicacy from locally grown beans known as “wilde roos” or in Aruba know as D’abaru, or make delicious juice from Tamarind from Maureen Laaf who grows fruit trees. Others grow local plants and fruit trees and make natural herbal teas and natural medicine. The public interest is growing and especially when we start to realize that we are so dependent of imported products. Now with the stop of importing goods from Venezuela we are even pushed more to think locally and look for local resources.

Thereby we have very talented Artisans on the island that create incredible beautiful art and souvenirs. A nice art piece as decoration for your home or to take as a souvenir back to your home country or as a gift! It is unique and one of a kind. With the help of the foundation A.R.U.B.A. who is working for 5 years with local artisans, we invited the Aruban artisans to the farmers market as well. They are known for working with different materials and techniques such as recycled products, glass blowing, jewelry makers, prints, or make their own cosmetic products such as organic soap and cream like Bath and Body from Jacky Geerman

With organizing the farmers market the Ostrich Farm wand to help and support the local Farmers and the Artisans the opportunity to present and sell their product directly to the public and create awareness of product produced and made in Aruba. The idea is to make this a monthly Farmers market that people can keep on buying their favorite products over and over again.