Silver Entrepreneurship Workshop successful

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From June 20 to June 24, 2022, the Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, through the unit Initiative for Business Development in Aruba IDEA, organized a workshop called ā€˜Silver Entrepreneurship for retired or soon to be retired.

The workshop was for retired or soon-to-be-retired individuals who wanted to use their careers and share their life experiences in their business.

The workshop included a list of speakers who talked about a variety of subjects.

Mr. Dave Martinus, Certified Business Coach of ActionCOACH, presented “Resources to Help you Become an Entrepreneur” and focused on the need to work on your business and not only in your business.

Mrs. Louella Croes who is the Business Development Advisor at IDEA was present to share share information about the guidance and education offered to all who want to open a business or to manage a business more efficiently and the way it should be.

Mrs. Mary Baarh, Head of the Establishment of Companies at the DEZHI, spoke about the required permits and laws to establish businesses, the definition of a business, the policies of the Government, and the procedure for the submission of a permit request.

Customs Aruba, Mr. Enrico Soto, and Mrs. Sharina Hernandez gave information about those who import products/materials for their commercial activities and those who export their products. They also shared information about tax exemption for those who want to start commercial agriculture.

Mrs. Gayle Arendsz of the DEZHI shared the 17 SDGs with the participants and focused on Sustainable Corporation, the SDG Compass, and Sustainable Leadership.

Notary Johnson talked about legal business models: (proprietorship/ NV/ VBA), business succession, differences in the legal form of companies, and inheritance and will. (What and to whom) as well as Mr. Cristian Garcia of the SVB informed them about the social premiums for employers and employees. The SVB emphasized that all employees must be registered and should pay these premiums from day one of being on the job.

Mrs. Julieta van der Biezen, financial controller and owner of You Count Administration & Consultancy, talked about Small Business Administration.

Mr. Ludwig Rasmijn and Mr. Randy Maduro of Santa Rosa talked about the possibilities of becoming an Agripreneur. They discussed Aquaponics, Hydroponics, local products, small garden, small plants, how to reduce costs, how to make your hobby your business, how a pensioner can benefit from their garden, and shared success stories of agripreneurs in Aruba.

Training Coach, Mr. Benny Richardson, a gentleman older than 80 years, talked about lifestyle and inspired all present about being healthy and fit, which is the secret to staying in healthy shape;

Mr. Ulrich Hermans and Francois Croes, Innovation Advisors at Futura, talked about ā€˜Future of Workā€™, future skills for 2025, etc.

Mrs. Judella Trim of the DEACI unit IDEA talked about the importance of and how to make a business plan.

And finally Mr. Lionel Rumnit, Job Coach at ā€˜Trampolin pa Trabaoā€™, talked about how he trains individuals with disabilities and prepares them for the labor market. The owner of Djiespieā€™s Place, Mrs. Susie Franken, talked about her family business and its activities catered to seniors. Mr. Merrill Robles (a pensioner), talked about how he helps the community through his business and outside of it.

The 16 participants received their certificate of participation presented by the Minister Geoffrey Wever.

A majority of the IDEA workshops are free, because the goal is to help entrepreneurs who want to start a business or take it to the next level.