Screen of Thought

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What is a screen of thought? It is simply the stream of thoughts or mental noise that we experience at almost every holy instant. Through this screen we meet the world. Through this screen of thought we meet and interact with people, we face challenges and situations through this screen. By doing so we tend to view the world through this veil thus not perceiving clearly but perceiving though this lens of thought stream. Why is it called a veil?

Due to our mind conditioning, our beliefs, culture and tradition, race, gender, life experience, etc., we have a certain conditioning that our thoughts express and through this conditioning we tend to label and judge every person or situation that we face. Hence the veil is all the conditioning in which we picked up as we go through life. In short, this veil or screen of thought is the Ego.

Suresh Mirchumal is a spiritual writer. “Well, you can categorize it like that, although I don’t call myself one. These thoughts come in effortlessly.” His aim is in a way to reach out to whoever gets inspired or has an eye opening event within them that may transcend their current state of consciousness. “Or let’s say current emotional state too. If one in a thousand benefits, that is already great.” Due to the current world state, lots of struggles and stresses, we seem to lose touch with that inner peace that we long for, Suresh explains. “I wish to ease that through these small articles or tidbits.” You will find his tidbits in Aruba Today from now on, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.