Remember Amuse Bistro?… They’re back with a new concept; The Journey

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Known for their successful and top-notch establishments Amuse Bistro and Amuse Sunset, Chef Patrick van der Donk and his wife Yvette, who is a certified sommelier, are back with their latest gastronomic adventure that is now to be found at The Journey, beside the famous red windmill (De Olde Moulin) just off Eagle Beach, and will surely bring a brand new concept to take you on a culinary journey you will never forget.   

A family of 5, Chef Patrick, his wife Yvette and their 8 year old triplet sons, started their trajectory about a decade ago, with the renowned and loved Amuse Bistro that saw immense success. Due to a tragic incident in which the restaurant burned down, they gathered all their strength and continued their success at a new location behind the airport, as a brand new beginning named Amuse Sunset until they saw it come to an end. After overcoming unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic, the family is stronger than ever and reading to begin a new adventure and welcome you aboard.

The Journey offers a brand new, elegant and chic concept. Taking the table in ‘Chef’s Table’ to heart, this new interpretation of ‘chef’s table’ features stand-alone tables which seat only 20 patrons, all who must arrive before 7pm. Once you choose to embark on this adventure, the night will start once you arrived at your destination, right next to the mill in Palm Beach, where you will be welcomed with a toast of bubbles (on the house) on the terrace while you wait for the beginning of an unforgettable night. Once the clock hits 7pm, you will be taken into the restaurant for a magical five-course Chef’s choice pre-fixed menu that will take your taste buds on a high class world tour.

You can opt to pair your courses with the sommelier’s expertly curated choice of fine wines by the glass or order a bottle from their impressive wine list. With an open kitchen concept, you get to witness the chef bring his inspiration and creations to life. By the end of the night, you are guaranteed to have made a few new friends with whom you’ve enjoyed a wonderful experience of culinary bliss.

The Journey is open from Mon-Fri and is reservation only, we ask that all guests with a reservation arrive before 7pm. For further questions or information, refer to their website or contact Yvette at +297 565 0535

Make your reservation today and have a ‘Bon Voyage!’