Reef restauration by ScubbleBubbles Foundation

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Several foundations and organizations take care of Aruba’s marine world and one of them is ScubbleBubbles Foundation. They recently went out to do some reef restoration activities at De Palm Island. From maintaining the nursery to finding locations to outplant.

A lot of work goes into reef restoration. Not only do they have to do regular maintenance at the nursery, but they have to find locations to outplant when the corals are ready to be put back onto the reef. First they have to find the right location: somewhere they can do well- with the right biodiversity and water conditions. Once they find the location, they mark the area by placing nails with colored zip ties. This makes it easier to do photo mosaics, which is the next step in the process. Stay tuned for the rest of their outplanting experience!

Reef Rescue Network is a network created to assist the creation and management of coral restoration with organizations & businesses throughout the world. Their goal is working together to reverse the decline of Coral Reefs throughout the Bahamas & Caribbean. The Reef Rescue Network’s partner in Aruba is ScubbleBubbles Foundation. This incorporated foundation in Aruba focused on getting more local youth involved in ocean conservation activities. It started in 2016 as a way to get more young people diving, but soon it was clear that something needed to be done to protect and restore the beautiful reefs of Aruba. Another organization is Aruba Reef Care Foundation. The goal of the project remains community education and the eventual establishment of an Aruba Marine Management System. Known originally as the Aruba Underwater Reef Clean-up, it was launched in 1994 by the initiative of Castro Perez and Byron Boekhoudt in 1993.

If you are interested in the work of these foundations or willing to contribute to their good work, please check out their Facebook pages: scubblebubbles foundation or aruba reef care foundation.