Preparations for Royal visit

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The Council of Ministers is busy with the final preparations for the upcoming visit of King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima, and Princess Amalia.

The last Royal visit to Aruba was eight years ago when the King and the Queen visited the islands. It will be the first visit that includes Princess Amalia. The Government of Aruba is preparing a warm welcome for the Royal family.

King Willem Alexander and his family will meet first with the Governor of Aruba, followed by a visit to the Parliament of Aruba and the Government of Aruba. Between these visits, the entire community has the opportunity to salute the King, the Queen, and Princess. The activities for the Royal family will take place in San Nicolas and Oranjestad, giving the community many opportunities to greet and see the Royal family along the routes and introduce their children to the King, the Queen, and the Princes of the Dutch Kingdom.

Since the announcement of the Royal family, there is enthusiasm and excitement in the community. That is why the Government is hoping that schools will also jump on board the Royal visit enthusiasm and that businesses decorate their stores to welcome the Royal family to Aruba.

More information about the Royal program, including date, time, and location will be shared with the community once ready. The Government extends a cordial invitation to the community and its visitors to attend these events