Peru’s Rotisserie Chicken is Here

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EAGLE BEACH — Las Brasas Peruanas is the new kid on the block, part of the restaurant, Asi es mi Peru, at Paradise Beach Villas. Offering authentic Peruvian roasted chicken that gives you a mouthwatering experience, moreover because this is a dish prepared with love by the Peruvian chef, presented with pride by the Peruvian owner Roxana van Nes and her Dutch-Surinam husband Jan van Nes. You will encounter soft and juicy meat, a crispy skin and that special taste because of a 24-hour marinade_ a must-try.

“Pollo a la Brasa, roasted chicken, is a very popular dish in Peru and the first thing my wife does when she visits her home country is paying a visit to Pardos, a well-known chicken rotisserie in Lima. She realized she never found a place like this on the island of Aruba”, says Jan. “The seasoning makes the difference and when it lacks the chicken will be dry and without taste. That was our motivation to bring our own charcoal burning rotisserie from Peru, eco-friendly as it traps heat and steam internally meaning there is no smoke.” In the United States roasted chicken is a popular dish, now visitors can have a taste of their favorite home-dish, but with the Peruvian twist.

Also Take-Out
“Our chicken is marinated 24 hours in a special mix of Peruvian herbs and spices including garlic, cumin and Peruvian pepper and roasted for one hour and 10 minutes while preserving its full flavor.

Another important element of our newest product is that the price is more than reasonable, thus giving our clientele an alternative to our establishment Asi es mi Peru. And not to forget: the Pollo a la Brasa has a take-out option too.” Jan continues giving an example of a table of eight persons that came to eat-in and left happy because of the quality of the chicken and side dishes as well as with the bill. “It is ideal for families with children, kids love roasted chicken. Normally it comes with a fresh garden salad and fries, but we offer as well ‘chaufa’ (Peru’s version of Chinese Fried Rice) and other side dishes. There will be more surprises in the future. Original combos with Inca cola, very well-known in Peru, are on the menu. We just opened and we already sense that it is a niche we found.” To make the happy meal complete there is home-made ice-cream, for sure a hit with the little ones.

A family-oriented restaurant is what Asi es mi Peru strives for, and with this extra value of delicious roasted chicken they make this a fact.

Asi es mi Peru and Las Brasas Peruanas are open for lunch and dinner, check out their Facebook page: AsíEsMiPerú or website