Palapa and Gazebo project at Mangel Halto beach will start next week

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On November 17, 2022, the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Dangui Oduber, announced another beautification project, starting soon.

This project entails palapas restoration and construction of Gazebos at the Mangel Halto beach in Pos Chiquito. The palapas deteriorated and were vandalized. The Ministry of Tourism and the Aruba Tourism Authority, decided to upgrade this beach and approached the Aruba National Park (FPNA) for the renovation, as this beach is under the management of the FPNA. They will build 11 new gazebos and refurbish three palapas.

Mangel Halto is a beach loved by many beachgoers and tourists and is worth the facelift. Work will start next week, and the Mangel Halto beach will soon shine again. ATA and the FPNA will finance this project.

The Arikok National Park Foundation (FPNA) is an independent foundation responsible for protected land and marine areas conservation and management in Aruba. FPNA will collaborate with ATA in the design of the palapas and Gazebos. The aim is to make them blend in with the area landscape and nature to create a balance between conservation efforts and leisure of the locals and visitors.

Mangel Halto is a natural area protected by the “Marine Protected Area” (MPA) Mangel Halto Park. It is essential to protect and preserve this area to comply with the ambition of sustainable tourism, which benefits nature conservation for future generations.

The ministry of Tourism works according to its vision and policy focused on niche tourism. It entails low-volume high-value tourists with an annual income of over $150,000. These tourists have certain expectations, and it is crucial to enhance the Aruba product continuously to cater to them. Aruba is known as a quality destination, and constant investment is required to keep this expectation.