Pain in the Neck

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A “pain in the neck” is an annoying person or thing. So where does the expression come from? Anybody who has or has had back pain will appreciate how tiresome this kind of pain can be. Allopathic physicians will order an x-ray, maybe even one of those fancy atomic medicine machines that show your insides in Technicolor™. And there “it” is, the offending vertebral disk, or pinched nerve.

We have all these machines to measure, make visible, and give us objective information. Regrettably, from all this information no pathology can be inferred. What does that mean? Not even a radiologist, looking at the pictures of your body can determine how much pain you feel or that you have osteoporosis. Only a bone density test can determine your real status. You see, pain is a feeling and feelings cannot be measured objectively. What is going on here? Allopathic doctors can only look for structural problems to explain your back pain.

Complimentary or integrative physicians, noting an absence of structural problems look at the energetic map of your body to determine the origin of your back pain. For us no part of your body exists in isolation. Every tooth in your boy is energetically connected to an organ, a joint, a vertebra, a feeling, a season, even to a color. So, every vertebra of your spine and its disks are also associated to many different parts of your body. This association is the “science” of complimentary medicine. To pinpoint exactly where the energy is being blocked is the “art” of my job. Let’s take a look at two areas of common back pain.

The first is, literally, a pain in the neck. People who wake up with stiff necks thinking they have slept “wrong” the night before. Sometimes, the neck stiffness is so pronounced these people have to turn their shoulders to see something at their side. When I start asking about their stomach they look confused. “Well, yes, doctor, I have frequent heartburn, but I am here for my neck”. They are relieved when one acupuncture treatment using only two or four needles greatly loosens and relieves the pain, and confused again when we send them off with a blood test to check their stomach. Helicobacter pylori bacteria and another common virus – Rotavirus are some of the biggest stomach problems we see in our clinic. If the stomach is blocked, nothing moves smoothly causing a block above leading to stiff necks and shoulders. If your blood type is A and you frequently sufferer from a stiff neck, your deficient stomach acid is causing the problem. What your neck needs more than a physical therapist is a Clinical Nutritionist.

Perhaps the most common lower back problem involves the vertebra lumbar 4 and 5. Allopathic surgeons recommend back operations for L4/ L5 back pain, even though the outcome is much less than satisfactory. Energy physicians, do not loose sight that the hypo-gastric plexus nerve that exits the spinal column at L4/L5 commands the colon, bladder, rectum, and genital organs. Those of you who are now saying “Aha, we should look at these organs for problems” would make good complementary physicians. But let me make this exercise more challenging by asking; what if after checking the organs you hear the line from your regular doctor, “the tests show everything is alright”. You have come to a dead- end on your road of recovery back to health.

When the tests show no apparent problem, and the organs are well within energetic values, then we turn our attention to the mental and emotional body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the organs that are controlled by the hypo-gastric plexus nerve are organs of elimination. If we are having no problems in our physical elimination organs we look at the emotional aspect of elimination, which is “letting go” of past emotional traumas.

For our bodies of energy, emotional pain equals physical pain. The absence of any physical elimination organ problem has to be resolved by allowing ourselves, to “let go” of that specific emotional trauma. Holding on to this emotional pain can produce an energetic block that causes pain in vertebra L4 and L5.

All physical pain includes an emotional trauma history. To find relief for lower back pain of an emotional nature the patient does not need to completely resolve the issue, but for healing to start to take place the trauma needs to be acknowledged.

Get the Point! Things in life are nearly never as simple as the experts tell you. Back, neck and sholder pain, like other body pains are massages trying to tell us that part of our body needs attention. Acupuncture treatments facilitate the release of energy blocks causing the pain and many times will help you release the corresponding emotional blocks. This is true healing.q

CARLOS VIANA, Ph. D. is an Oriental Medical Doctor (O.M.D.) having studied in Shanghai, China; a Board Cert. Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.), a fellow member of the Board Certified Association of Addiction Professionals (C.Ad.), the Chairperson of the Latin American Committee of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), a Rejuvenating Cell Therapist and specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine, has a weekly radio program, writes and lectures extensively. For information: VIANA NATURAL HEALING CENTER NV, Kibaima 7, Aruba, TEL: 585-1270, Web Site:

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