New & unique venue in Oranjestad, a must for visitors! Patio 15 connects Aruba’s culture with Caribbean food & cocktails delight

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Replica buildings and chain restaurants we can do everywhere and they are all the same, offering the expected. When visiting a place we’d like to see the real thing. Being in Aruba, the pearl of Caribbean, you can feel the energy of a historic house and at the same time indulge in finger-licking food and signature cocktails. There is a new hot spot: Patio 15. Make sure to go, it’s easily accessible and it has secured private parking.

Step inside the patio

Taste. Sip. Play. It is their slogan. It is a great description of what happens but there is so much more. First of all you get the friendliest welcome in Aruba here by an icon: one of the last real gentlemen, dressed from head to toe in elegance. Listen to his story of how he came to Aruba. This 80-plus sweet doorman who had been working for over 40 years at a department store on the island. Everybody knows him, you should too!

Admire the monument

The yellow color of the sun that is so typical for authentic Aruban houses catches your attention. You are seated in front of an authentic Aruban home which that was built around 1860 and has been transformed in the year 2020 into a unique outdoor restaurant, bar, dancing, and event space: Patio 15. Feel a warm breeze titillating your senses. You are surrounded by night lights and stars and inspired by the hip ambiance while being introduced to Aruba’s history at the same time. The patio refers to the outdoor space in front of the house where the family and friends used to gather. Inside antique trinkets take you back to older times against a backdrop of contemporary design. There is a wall that showcases Lps of Aruba’s musical heroes.

Mindblowing bites

This casual hipster venue offers you the opportunity to taste all kinds of small bites or tapas with a fuse of international favorites and Aruban local dishes. Patio 15 serenades Aruba of yesterday while showing you they are the trendsetters du jour.

What to think of a Keeshi Yena Taco. This is an homage to Aruba’s typical cheese/minced meat dish in a taco, Feta Cheese Pizza comes on a watermelon sliced as pizza and with Yerba di Hole on top which is a kind of local basil, the Conch Fritters and the Funchi Fries with delicious Truffle Mayo is a must. Try the scrumptious Escargots & Musrooms or the Vegan Ceviche, yummy! The Best one: Mini Saco, you got to love this creativity because a ‘saco’ is a typical local snack where chicken, beef, or ribs and potatoes are fried and served in a bag which is the ‘saco’. Patio 15 is still throwing in new offerings to its 37-piece menu so you can try another selection daily. The traditional Spanish tapas will also be there simply because they are to die for. We would say: go ahead, it is a winning game here. And do not forget to take a Key Lime Pie for dessert, it’s an everlasting memory.

Patio 15 Aruba is open Tuesday to Sunday from 5 pm – 11 pm and is located downtown at West Straat 15 Oranjestad, next to the main bus station.  Browse on their website or Facebook page Patio 15 Aruba. See you there!