New Face for Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare

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Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare offers you paradise: stay in a wonderful, oceanfront location or poolside timeshare suites with a world of amenities that include a spa, a restaurant, and a fitness center. At this moment, the resort is undergoing a refurbishment of their façade, as well as the interior of the suites. Jacqueline Winklaar is the woman behind the make-over.

She is a strong and confident woman amidst a team of six-muscled men_ a necessity when it comes to replacing old furniture and appliances. The logistics, another challenge, is all managed by Jacqueline and her crew. “When the containers come in I am ready to go and the guys take out the stuff. Then we divide the boxes over the different floors. When we finish that we enter each room and put all in place.” Sometimes they take one block, other times a complete floor. “It depends on what is brought in by the containers and also on the vacancy. We need to make sure not to block elevators or have too many boxes in the hallways as that will disturb our guests and we do not want that.” In the past two months, Jacqueline and her team have managed to do 65% of all the suites.

Happy Guests
There is brand new furniture and appliances. Was it necessary? Yes, said the management and also Jacqueline. “In my opinion we needed a fresh look. The resort is more than 30 years old and during the years the interior style got a bit old fashioned.” Now, all the suites are in the same modern style with tropical warmth. The organizing of this renovation takes some effort as the Casa del Mar Beach Resort & Timeshare did its upmost not to disturb the guests too much. Jacqueline: “The guests are informed ahead so they know when my team enters the room for some time to switch the furniture and appliances. It is a more than pleasant surprise when they come back and find their made-over suite.” She says most guests are so excited and happy, like in those TV-shows you watch the before-and-after stages. The suites can be vacant or occupied; Jacqueline needs to work around it. “Some guests are so happy that they even stay in to help, you can see many guests wished for these changes.” q