New buoys installed

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In November 2021, the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Dangui Oduber, announced the installation of new buoys and replacing older buoys.

The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) financed this project, and Varadero completed it.

This project is an essential element for the safety of our tourism. The buoys provide security to those who swim in our sea.

They installed the new buoys in Arashi, Malmok, Tres trapi, Palm Beach, and Costa Linda and repaired or replaced old buoys if possible.

The Government’s policy is to focus on quality tourism that spends lots of money in the economy of Aruba. That is why it focuses on “High-Value Low Impact Tourism”. These visitors earn over $150.000.00 annually and respect Aruba’s nature and cultural values.

They will also invest in the product Aruba to offer our guests the best experience possible.

Another ongoing project is the Baby Beach Promenade and the reconstruction of the staircase at Rodgers Beach. A recently announced project is the third phase of the Malmok Boardwalk.

Minister Oduber is grateful to the ATA who made the funds available for these enhancement projects. Aruba’s tourism is recovering, and soon we will reach a 100% recovery. Tourism is the principal driver of our economy.