National Day against human trafficking

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On October 18, 2021, a walk was held to kick off the awareness campaign against human trafficking called “Open your eyes”. This is in connection with the national day against human trafficking.

The walk started near Djispie’s Place and finished at the Plaza Daniel Leo. At the end of their speech, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes, and Minister of Justice Mr. Rocco Tjon remarked that human trafficking and smuggling have serious consequences.

In Aruba, every year on October 18, the Government commemorates National Day against Human Trafficking to create awareness about human trafficking. It is part of the “Open your eyes” campaign launched in May 2021. Aruba is going through social, economic, financial, and migratory challenges. One of the sad and dangerous aspects of the migrant crisis is the phenomena of human trafficking and human smuggling. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery and is a crime against human rights. It is the responsibility of the community to stop this. “As a responsible Government, we can not just stand on the sidelines and watch this unfold. That is why the “Open your eyes” campaign is so important. Human trafficking is abuse, and we have to stop this, no matter if it involves migrants or locals. We want to develop Aruba for every single person and cannot exclude anyone. We want Aruba to progress,” the Prime Minister said.

On Monday, the first of three awareness events were held in Oranjestad. The following events will be held in San Nicolas and Santa Cruz. These two events will include an intriguing exhibition and flyers will be distributed containing information about red flags of possible cases of human trafficking. Posters will be posted at key locations to reinforce the awareness campaign against human trafficking and human smuggling. The Prime Minister urges the community to be on alert and to find out what the red flags are. Take immediate action when witnessing suspicious activities.  Call the Coordination Center for Human Trafficking and Smuggling (CMMA). The CMMA can be reached by email: or on Facebook or by calling 297-597-5223 (during office hours). The CMMA hotline is +297-592-3231 (hotline 24/7).

In closing, the Prime Minister said: “Open your eyes because human trafficking and smuggling happens closer to home than you might think. Aruba counts on everybody to help fight against this felony. Aruba needs all of us”!.