Nacional Library launches Digital Platform

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ORANJESTAD — Biblioteca Nacional Aruba or the National Library Aruba, offers a part of their archive in digital form. The digital platform, that is being launched this coming Thursday, provides the public access to information and do research. The goal with the launch of the digital platform is to make information more accessible.

At the department of the library called Arubiana/Caribiana several interesting items are digitalized and open to the public. The collection contains portraits, documents, newspapers, magazines, thesis and other publications that were selected to be part of the national collection. This Thursday the digital platform will be launched at Arubiana/Caribiana, Bachstraat 5 in Oranjestad. Three speakers will elaborate on the theme of documentary inheritance, preservation of historic information and cultural digitalization. Also the topic of access to information will be on the table. Doctorandus Peter Scholing (National Library Aruba), Doctorandus Raymond Hernandez (National Archive Aruba) and Mr. Renwick Heronimo MA (Foundation Museums Aruba) will be the orators.

With a part of the national collection being digitalized there will be more people that can have access to the valuable intangible heritage of Aruba. Everyone is invited to the launch that starts at 7.30 PM in the garden of the library. Please contact telephone 00 297 582-6924 for more information or email: Q