Motorcycle Tour for Betico Wins in Popularity by Women

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By Luis Villegas

SAVANETA- The national holiday called Dia di Betico, meaning Day of Betico, was celebrated in different ways last Thursday. There were sport events, music performances, ceremonial events and many more festivities. One of the events you might have seen was the caravan of motorcycle riders that formed the Betico Ride, driving once a year around the island. Striking is the fact that Aruba sees more and more women participants in the motorclubs.

‘This is a mans world’ is not applicable anymore to the motorcycle clubs in Aruba. Traditionally this might have been the case, but nowadays more and more women enjoy riding their bike. So not only being on the back side, but being the driver themselves.

Breaking Stereotypes

Micherline Anglade is one of these women and she finds it simply fantastic, wonderful and heaven when she is riding her bike. “It is a completely different feeling when you steer yourself instead of being a passenger.” She is aware of the fact that many people see this world as a world for merely men, but it has not stopped her from achieving her goal. “It gives me freedom and power to drive the bike myself.” To her it means that she can release her stress and forget about the life outside for a while. An event like this where she can ride together with other motor cycle lovers, especially the women, brings her joy. “Women are taking over! I see an increase in female drivers and it means a lot. It is about breaking with the stereotypes and showing that times are changing.”