Minister Ursell Arends implements Aruparking again starting May 2nd, 2023

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As the minister of Transport, Mr. Ursell Arends, has already indicated in an earlier press conference, Aruparking will be implemented once again starting from May 2nd of this year. This time, however, there will be a slight change in the parking system in the down town Oranjestad area, especially in the city center.

During the press conference, which took play back in April, Minister Arends confirmed that Aruparking would be reintroduced in the month of May: “the goal is to reinstate Aruparking this coming May. There is still some final details that need to be finalized, but we are very close to reactivating Aruparking in the down town area,” he stated at that time.

Besides that, he added that there will be more parking spaces in the city center and at the same time, he announced that all yellow parking spaces—which usually was meant for private parking—will now be open to the public: “That would also bring a huge relief to our community,” he remarked.

On the official Facebook page of Aruparking, a video was posted in which the institution had indicated that starting May 2nd, Aruparking will indeed be reactivated. The concept, according to the video, includes paying two Aruban florins to park everywhere that is marked. This small sum can be paid cash at the parking meters or online through

In terms of the parking meters of Aruparking, our reported had previously asked the minister back in March about the meters that are currently out of order. At that time, the minister replied: “Aruparking is currently in the process of making these parking meters operational again.”

Our reporter also asked him if there will be new meters placed in parking zones or if the old once will all be fixed. To this, the minister replied: “There will be functioning meters in all parking zones, whether it be new ones or the ones that are already there,” he explained.