Minister Geoffrey Wever prepares for business trip with merchants in Colombia

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(Oranjestad)—A commission of Aruban merchants is preparing for a business trip to Colombia. The goal of this trip is to negotiate economic prices in the importation of goods, which consumers can in turn benefit from in the form of lower prices. This is an effort made by Minister Wever to improve the cost of living on the island.

The Minister of Economic Relations, Mr. Geoffrey Wever, is leading the preparations alongside a group of local merchants to determine a program and travel strategy. Aruba’s economy is small, and it is dependent on importation of many products. With a strategic position in the Caribbean between the US and Latin America, it is essential to explore trading opportunities that benefit both merchants and consumers. In this case, it is important for Aruba to fortify its economic relationship with other countries in the region.

The management of the economy by the Ministery of Economic Relations, Communication and Sustainable Developments is based on the maintenance and reinforcement of existing partnerships in the economic field. An important partner in achieving this goal is Aruba’s private sector.

It is for this reason that on February 22nd, 2022, Minister Wever—along with the Department of Economic Relations and Industry—organized a business roundtable on trade relations in Colombia with the private sector.

The goal for this meeting was to listen to the sector’s wishes, consider what opportunities the Colombian market has to offer, and how the government of Aruba can facilitate these.

Aruba has a small economy, but with a strategic position, it must explore every trading opportunity in the region. In this case, Colombia is a strategy that seems promising. This meeting with the private sector shows the importance of working together with local merchants in the development of the island’s economy.