Message from a friend in the Netherlands

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The generations are different because of their life experiences and each have their own perspective. Aruba Today is connecting to the younger generation abroad to see how they are experiencing the Corona crisis. Today we have a message from Kevin Iguaran, a student in the Netherlands.

“My name is Kevin Iguaran, I am a student at HAN University in Nijmegen, Netherlands and this has been my experience concerning the Corona Virus so far.

Going into this I thought it was going to be chill. Staying a couple of days inside with no school doesn’t sound bad for a student after all. I thought the virus wasn’t going to be something that serious but all of a sudden it has gotten much worse. Schools have been forced to close down until further notice, curfews have been implemented, and limit to items you are allowed to purchase … I mean I can’t even go outside to play soccer with my friends. Get up a little too late and you’ll be lucky to find anything to eat at the store. Even though some classes are provided online and in some cases you still have assignments to hand in, staying at home all day can get boring really fast.

I manage to keep myself occupied but I have some friends that would rather be at school than stay home. At the moment of writing it hasn’t been made clear as to how we will be able to continue the school year, so it’s very troubling for students. Public transportation is advised to only be used if completely necessary in order to avoid being in crowded areas. And so a lot has changed over the last few weeks and it has impacted everyone in their own way. I just hope that everyone follows the rules and stays safe and healthy so that this whole situation can blow over as fast as possible.” q