MAROC: Mediterranean Bite with a Caribbean Twist

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ORANJESTAD – What about a wonderful mix of the following ingredients: a trendy, stylish and Mediterranean feel restaurant in the heart of Oranjestad, a menu with tapas (small bites originally from Spain) and main dishes, all prepared with the freshest products and under the wings of maybe the best-know chef in Aruba, and last but not least an impressive wine selection – all against affordable prices, for lunch as well as dinner available. Step out of the tourist zone and come mingle with the hip local crowd at MAROC!

Grouper Maroc style, Downtown Pinchos, Beef Tajine and Lasagne al Forno are just some of the mouthwatering dishes MAROC presents to you. If you crave for ‘something of everything’ to taste there is another possibility: pick you pick from the Tapas Menu where cold & hot tapas are to be chosen as well as tapas platters. All served in the typical ceramic dishes from the Mediterranean with Caribbean flair because of the regional products. You must check this place out if you would like to experience some real Aruba!

Personal Touch
Chef Dennis van Daatselaar: “Maroc is the sister of Restaurant Wilhelmina and Carte Blanche, all located in a renovated Art Deco building in the heart of Oranjestad. Wilhelmina and Carte Blanche are upscale dining establishments, so my wish was to add a more low-key, trendy restaurant/bar to that duo.” A place where everybody can walk in and dine in city-vibe surroundings, Chef van Daatselaar strived to create an interior with Moroccan tiles and a hip style with art painted by himself on the walls. The personal touch is felt throughout, from the staff to the food.

All Fresh
“We use the same ingredients for MAROC as we use for Restaurant Wilhelmina and Carte Blanche. That’s to say: the highest quality. Fresh fish from Aruba and Surinam, home-baked bread, vegetables from local farmers whenever possible and all sauces and dips we make ourselves. The menu is frank and clear, there is something for everybody as the choice is grand. “Tuesday is Combination Night which means a Chef’s Platter with all kinds of tapas and sangria, Wednesday is Local Fish Night with the fresh caught of the day, Thursday is Ladies Night where all ladies get a free glass of Prosecco and we prepare a 12-piece Finger Food Platter, Friday is Moroccan Night with tajines and Wine Specials, Saturday is Tapas Night with all tapas for $ 5 and Sunday is Local Night. You can bring in the complete family because there is absolutely something for each taste. Combine a shopping morning with a lunch at MAROC or enjoy the lunch here after or before your city walk ,and if you prefer the evening, also possible. Parking is no problem as you can park just in front of the place.

For more information: or Facebook Maroc Tapas Bar
Chef Dennis van Daatselaar received the finest culinary training for six years in Michelin starred restaurants in his native country, the Netherlands. Prior to opening Carte Blanche in 2010 he worked as a chef and consultant for several years at a number of renowned restaurants. After introducing the chef’s table concept to Aruba, he partnered with fellow Dutchman Glen Bonset. Since then the restaurateurs have received international praise for their combination of skill and knowledge that entertains guests and pleases their palates. Wilhelmina Restaurant is a casual, elegant restaurant with a creative setting. Wilhelmina offers a cool inside setting, or outside in our “speakeasy” city garden.