Mangel Halto is screaming for help

By RJ Aruba

I think it is time to give Mangel Halto a little more attention and a lot more respect.

All of us love hanging out at this beautiful spot of Aruba, but so much garbage gets left behind. We need to make everyone a little bit more aware of Aruba’s Nature and how to keep everything in balance. Pls everyone, take everything you brought back with you and find the nearest trash can, don’t leave anything behind.

These guys are workers assigned by the Government, they are on contract but they are not aware of the damage they are currently doing here. This department called DOW wants to see Mangel Halto beach clean, no matter what and it’s just for the eyes. They need to stop raking all the leaves off the floor and sit together to find the best solution to help Nature and wildlife here at Mangel Halto, we did enough damage already Aruba.

At the moment (for years) these teams are raking all around and dumping everything with this wheel barrel deeper in the roots of the Mangrove trees. This interferes with life both above and below the surface, rotten roots and lack of water flow between the roots. The standing water is killing and hurting the process even more with the algae that accumulate later causing the roots to rot. The only time some garbage, algae etc get out is at high tide. Then the waters around Mangel Halto get brown nasty and murky for a few days till the tide gets lower.

The falling leaves need to be left alone, don’t rake them all, this serves as protection for the Fidler crab. They lay eggs down in the sand and these leaves provide the shade they need.

The Mangroves need a little more flow between the roots, so I think they need to open a little channel in order for this to happen and this is by the one wooden bridge they have in the back, open the channel and let the water flow.

The Mangrove are literally falling apart because of termites. Mangel Halto needs urgent attention. Mangel Halto is suffering my friends. Let us Protect and Respect Nature a little more

Thank you all for your support my friends.

About Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto beach is located in Savaneta, on the southern-west part of the island. The beach is different from the other beaches in Aruba; it is beach full of mangroves. You reach the beach by a bridge through the mangroves and then you will have several entrances to the sea. There are diverse spots where you can enjoy a perfect beach day, wooden stairs made to enter the water and a dock to sit on and enjoy the view. Mangel Halto is also worth a visit for the snorkeling experience. Inside the bay, the water is clear and you find many colorful fish. Outside the bay is a bit more challenging for beginners because of the wind and the waves, but the coral is alive and it is just like snorkel heaven.