Making a difference

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ORANJESTAD — Recently, a group of tourists from Canada decided to do an act of kindness by giving a donation to the Ambiente Feliz foundation. The group has visited the island for over 20 years and decided that on this trip they would take one day out of their vacation “to make a difference”.

It all started when an intern from Ambiente Feliz who studies at the University of Aruba, and who also works as a front desk agent at a hotel, told one of the guests about her internship and the need for donation boxes. Ambiente Feliz, a family replacement home for people with a mental impairment, seeks actively for donations. As in this case for a new kitchen. In urgent need for 15.000 AWG to finish the kitchen project, the foundation thought it would help to place a few donation boxes to raise extra funds.

One guest told another and before they knew it Ambiente Feliz had received 10 donation boxes.

As a thank you the director of Ambiente Feliz, Ms. Lukee Croes, invited the tourists for a visit on the 7th of March.

The group was very interested in the clients and the work Ambiente Feliz does on a daily basis. They were amazed to see how much can be done with so little funds. Experiences were shared and memories were made. During their visit Ambiente Feliz received another 700$ to invest in a new kitchen.

Thanks to the kind donation of strangers Ambiente Feliz is now a step closer to a new kitchen where their clients can apply their daily chores.

Ambiente Feliz invites others who want to contribute to their new kitchen to contact Ambiente Feliz at 5858738 or make a kind donation at Caribbean Mercantile Bank, account 20906501, under the name of Stichting Ambiente Feliz.

For more information concerning the foundation and the services they provide you can visit or find their page on Facebook for more weekly activities and announcements.