Launch of the QR FIT project

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On November 29, 2022, the Ministries of Tourism and Sports respectively launched an innovative project that fits into the tourism and healthcare vision and policy.

The project’s name is QR FIT. It is a project where locals and tourists can scan a QR code on the Boardwalk Malmok with their phones and choose from exercise options.

When you scan the QR code, it connects you to a website where you can choose an exercise or download an app. You may choose from various categories, beginner/intermediate /advanced, and 60 different exercises.

The Boardwalk Malmok is a project funded by the Tourism Product Enhancement Fund (TPEF), and its 3rd phase will start soon. Many locals and tourist use this boardwalk. Now with the launch of the QR FIT, more people will use this area for sport and recreation. The government stimulates prevention in healthcare, and this project is a way to motivate our community to be more active. The policy is on the high-value, low-impact tourism model, and these innovative projects fit this category.

The Minister congratulates Ibisa y ATA for launching an innovative project that stimulates more people to use the boardwalk Malmok to have a more active and healthy community.