International Dark-Sky Association-Aruba asks to keep an eye out for light contamination at Sero Colorado

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(Oranjestad)—The International Dark-Sky Association-Aruba recently published a post on their Facebook page, reflecting on how the construction work for Secrets Baby Beach Resorts in Sero Colorado is affecting the fragile eco-system in the area and the problem of light contamination.

The International Dark-Sky Association is an international organization whose goal is to celebrate and protect the night sky filled with stars, which has been very important and meaningful for mankind around the world for eons. Their purpose is to protect the night from light contamination.

“By proportioning leadership, tools and resources necessary for everyone, legislators and the industry in general can reduce light contamination and promote responsible use of external light that is beautiful, healthy and functional. We are bringing the theme of light contamination around the world, with the goal to create access to information on the destructive impact of excessive lighting and the benefits of responsible illumination,” the organization has stated.

The International Dark-Sky Association on Aruba pointed out in their post that despite the construction of the Secret Baby Beach Resort, which is currently under construction in Sero Colorado and which will surely bring economic benefits to Aruba, we cannot forget the potential impact that this may have on the surrounding eco-system and in terms of light contamination.

The organization has indicated that during the last decade, the closure of the refinery of San Nicolas has allowed flora and fauna to recovery and that the reduction of light contamination has made the night sky much brighter. However, they said that with the construction of the new hotel, there exists a risk that can revert this process if we do not consider the possibility of installing appropriate illumination.

For this reason, the Aruban-based branch has been petition to the government of Aruba asking them to consider some important points for the conservation and the protection of the eco-system.

They are asking to encourage the use of appropriate illumination for the project, which can minimize the brightness of illumination. There are also asking to implement illumination mandates that can conserve the night sky, protect nocturnal wild life (like turtles) and preserve the unique character of the island.

Besides these two point, they organization is also petitioning for the promotion of eco-tourism and responsible developments that imbues value on the natural resources of the island and that preserves the beauty for future generations.

In the picture you may see a map of light contamination that illustrates the location of the hotel and the possible increase of light contamination that can affect nearby natural habitats.