Initiative to support local artists and revive Oranjestad

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

The opening of “The Galleria” at Harbor House in Weststraat took place recently. ‘The Galleria’ is an initiative by Harbor House and Pering Group to support our local artists by offering each artist a pop-up galleria to exhibit their art to visitors as well as the community of Aruba. During the opening Sr. Alberto Perret-Gentil CEO of Pering Group, explained that the vision of Pering Group is to contribute to Weststraat and Werfstraat as an art destination to attract tourists and locals back into the downtown of Oranjestad. This vision is based on the ideology of ‘Orange Economy’ as an additional support to the ‘Blue Economy’ in this specific area.

The purpose of ‘Orange Economy’ is to stimulate the economy based on creative activities with cultural and artistic content.

The artists who will be exhibiting their art during the first season of ‘The Galleria’ is Armando Goedgedrag, Cado de Lannoy, Suelyn Dankerlui, The Art Spot by Nicole & Marie, Luque Juan, Federico Cabello, Rudyomar Leysner and Erika Moran. Each artist explains a little bit about their work and expressed their gratitude towards receiving this opportunity that in one way or another contributes to the revitalization of Oranjestad.

For more information visit ‘The Galleria’ or contact each artist via their social media.