Important information regarding fireworks

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We are already at the end of another year, and with the year-end come the selling of fireworks. Yesterday, 27th of December marked the official start to the selling of fireworks. This year once again the Police Department of Aruba (KPA) together with other organizations will be carrying out checks on establishments selling fireworks.

In a video published by the Police Department, spokesperson Liliana Rasmijn explains all rules and requirements with which those selling the fireworks need to comply during this season.

Rasmijn explained in the video that the days on which it is allowed to sell fireworks is from the 27th until the 31st of December. During these days, authorities will be carrying out checks. Selling is allowed from sunrise until 9pm.

Rasmijn added that if police comes by outside of the stipulated hours and the place is open, the owner of the establishment will receive a warning; and if it happens again that the establishment is not respecting the rules, the police will cancel their firework permit right away. She also reminded the community that it is forbidden for any establishment to sell fireworks to children under 12 years of age if they are not accompanied by an adult. She added that those working in the container selling fireworks need to be 16 years old or older.

There are special, important rules for those selling fireworks. Rasmijn emphasized that all those who receive a permit to sell fireworks need to make sure to have a fire extinguisher, which is a requirement from the Department of Technical Inspections (DTI) and the Fire Department. They have to make sure to have an EHBO kit in the establishment in case of accidents, and have to ensure the container is always clean.

She pointed out that it is absolutely forbidden to sell old fireworks. She explained that police will control the date of sale for the previous year, namely 2021, and this year. Those are the dates that are allowed to be on the products being sold.

Rasmijn also pointed out that the departments in charge of control can come by once, but the next day they can come again. “Not because they checked on the first day it would mean they will not check the same place again. We can show up again. Also, if you receive a warning, we will come back to make sure if everything is fixed the way it should be”, she added.

It is also important for citizens to be aware of some tips when buying and lighting fireworks. Be critical of the fireworks that you purchase. The fireworks should not be older than two years old, so check the date on it. Check each piece for damage, and if one firework has damage, it will not work as expected and can result in injury to a person.

It is important to know what each piece will do. Check the label for instructions, or if there is a message illustrating what the firework will do. If this is missing, ask the seller what it does in order to be aware of what to expect and prevent danger. It is very important to purchase appropriate fireworks for children. From a young age it is a tradition to light up fireworks, children grow up in this atmosphere, but it is important to teach them how to do this correctly and safely.

Children should be educated on the dangers of fireworks. Many times, they enjoy experimenting with fireworks, building “bombs” or playing war with each other. Children need to be educated on how to use fireworks responsibly and safely for themselves and those around them.

Always use a wick, preferably a long one. Do not light up fireworks using a cigarette, lighter or other objects.

It is very important that if a firework is not lighting up, or is not working when lit, to not go back to it and try to light it again. There are different speeds at which the fireworks are set off, some go off faster than other. Wait at least 30 minutes to make sure the fireworks are not going off.

Never light up a piece of firework in your hand, as this can result in severe accidents resulting in the loss of fingers, hands and even eyes. Light up all fireworks on the ground.

And lastly but most importantly, do not throw fireworks at people, animals or cars.