Hotel Hustle: The Right Facilities

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Did you know? Working out after a long flight or one crossing multiple time zones, actually helps your body acclimate better and reduces jet lag. It’s one of those fun facts I’ve picked up along the way as I travel great distances to see friends and family abroad. When trying to maximize your fun time without the weird sleep patterns this is one way to help you through. I believe it’s also why hotel gyms are getting more attention now. They help keep your body beach ready, help get in your cardio and now are an aid in jet lag recovery. All the more reason for greater investment in your hotel’s gym.

Once and still in some cases a location relegated to the left over spaces of a hotel. Usually put on a random floor with no windows and the most basic of equipment. In years past that was fine as it wasn’t an appealing facility, a nice one to have, but not totally necessary and it filled the empty basement like space a hotel may have left over.

The thought processes used to be people are coming to Aruba for the beach and the pool and those are what should be focused on. As long as you have a great beach location, an adult pool and a kiddy pool you were basically set for return visitors and no complaints. All of these things are still very true, but the popularity of the hotel gym during long stays is steadily growing.

Of course back when hotels were becoming a staple to the Aruban skyline, designers and developers couldn’t predict how important the gym would become to today’s market appeal. As people become more health conscious and look toward gaining and maintaining their “summer body” all year round, workout classes and the gym have suddenly become more popular.

It seems to be a most notable trend in Aruba. In our resort along the most popular activities are the yoga classes, the abs and stretching and the water aerobics classes. On the days we don’t have those or for people who like working out on their own the gym becomes important and they will let you know their frustrations if your facility is less than adequate for their needs. Resorts are starting to notice that and take those comments into consideration when renovating or redesigning their gyms to take up a more prominent spot with better equipment and more space to work and move. One resort that’s a prime example is the Divi Tamarijn, who literally elevated their gym so you can work out with a view.

Even if the guests in timeshares are older they still want to be active and the calls for better gyms and equipment have been heard. Our current gym is pretty small and we have a lot stuffed into it, which doesn’t leave much room to get in a proper workout. We do provide a rather nice view though. Soon enough however we will be moving forward to expanding the gym as the demand grows and more people use it.

The input we receive from our guests is important for the ongoing development of a place you can truly label as your home away from home during extended stays.Q