Hotel Embassy Suites has obtained a “Juanita Beach” temporary permit

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Through a post by Aruba Birdlife Conservation (ABC), the movement happening on a beach located near Eagle Beach is illustrated, where they began setting up palapas and preparing the terrain to make it more attractive for tourists to enjoy.

In August 2023, Minister of Nature, Ursell Arends, informed that the Government was considering another option proposed by the developer of Embassy Suites, as the construction permit to create a beach in front of Embassy Suites by the developer Natura N.V. was relevant.

Yesterday, our sister newspaper Bon Dia Aruba confirmed that the hotel obtained a temporary permit to use a beach area for water sports. This does not concern the same area that was legally disputed in the past but another beach adjacent to it, called “Juanita Beach,” which does not have ROPV protection.

Photos are from ABC’s Facebook Page.