Hooked on Seafood

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For sublime seafood in Aruba go to the island’s Premiere Seafood restaurant: Aqua- Grill. This seafood-heaven place is already a statement for years with a consistency in upscale dining and top service. If you like to savor your seafood, this is your plunge. We promise you that you will get hooked.

The glow of Aqua-Grill is obvious by entering the restaurant. The eclectic of a modern and a traditional New England fish house style appeal and the open-view kitchen adds to the thrill. Let’s see what is on the menu. Deep down delicious seafood is what you are craving for and that is exactly what you will get. Welcome in the theatre of the sea, let us entertain you.

Providing Aqua-Grills loyal guests abroad with the latest happenings

Aqua-Grill recently started a joint partnership with Aruba Tourist Channel. The Tourist Channel is a cutting edge digital-platform to communicate Aruba’s art, culture, culinary experiences and history through motion picture using a 24/7, 365 day-a-year broadcast that can be accessed on any phone, tablet, TV, website, and social media. Aqua-Grill’s culinary content and special on-off offers will be displayed that tourist can benefit from when visiting Aruba. The information will reach various states and big give-aways will shake things up and make readers excited for an unforgettable experience. Have a look at their Facebook page Aqua-Grill and/or Aruba Tourist Channel to connect and stay informed.

How Aqua-Grill keeps their guests coming back for more

Secretly, we all know that the success of a restaurant has its core in the kitchen. That is where the chef creates his magic and for Aqua Grill the culinary team won a range of awards for their continuous delivery of haute-cuisine del mar. Classic seafood is mingled with contemporary ideas resulting in surprising dishes that soon made the restaurant a must-dine, confirmed by established travel media specialists like Fodor’s.

Aqua Grill invites you to get hooked on the largest raw bar of the island and dive into the wine list of over one hundred selected choices. Local and international catches create an impressive menu including snapper, grouper, mahi-mahi, Chilean salmon, sashimi tuna, Main lobster and Alaskan king crabs. Non-seafood options are part of the menu selection as well. Many locals and visitors are already a regular, we are convinced you want to join that group after your first experience.

Aqua Grill

J.E. IrausquinBlvd. 374

Phone: +297-586-5900

Fax: +297-586-5901

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