Honoring of a loyal visitor at Casa del Mar

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Recently, Aruba Tourism Authority representative Marouska Heyliger had the great pleasure in honoring many loyal Aruba visitors with their distinctive certificates. These certificates are a way to say “Masha Danki” for continuously choosing Aruba as a favorite vacation destination. The titles are as following: 10+ years “Distinguished Visitor”, 20+ years “Goodwill Ambassador” and 36+ years “Emerald Ambassador”.


The honoree is Brenda Maggy, resident of North Hampton who has been honored as Goodwill Ambassador.

The symbolic honorary title is presented on behalf of the Ministe of Tourism, as a token of appreciation to the guests who visit Aruba between the 10-20-35 and more consecutive year mark.

The wonderful visitors loves coming to the Island for All the new friends she has made over the past 20 years, the beaches and beautiful water, the weather and always perfect facilities, amazing restaurants and the friendly, helpful and fun people of Aruba.

Boekhoudt together with the representatives of Casa del Mar presented the certificates to the honorees, handed over some presents and also thanked them for choosing Aruba as their favorite vacation destination and as their home-away-from-home.