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Watch Now! Ask Pilar Episode 12: Sticthing Rancho
Ask Pilar - Monumenten Fonds

Landmarks and reflection of the past, but also buildings with a soul and inspiration. That is what monuments are! Pilar visited Mircla at the Monumentfunds Aruba to hear and see all about these 'grand old ladies' that still rock. Thank you for watching us and supporting our videos that deliver a cultural, educational and informational message to all lovers of Aruba, locals and visitors. Aruba has so much to show and Aruba Today will take you to those places. Ask Pilar is an interactive concept, so please do send us suggestions for places, send us pictures of the places you yourself visited that are shown in our videos or just ask a question about one of our topics. For now, enjoy monument #ArubaToday #Aruba #AskPilar #MonumentenFundsAruba

Posted by Aruba Today on Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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