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There exists in every person a state of pure health, a state that never dies, this is the state of perfect health. In this state of pure mind, body and spirit unified into oneness is that state, once in touch with this state, one experiences pure inner and outer healing. We are in control of our own physiology and therefore hold the key to our own state of health. To embark in this journey to pure health, one needs to transform their thought patterns from negative to positive and commit to living in perfect health. Meditation can bring you to this state of wholeness and also paying attention to your breath as one inhale and exhales deeply, one may calm the thought patterns and thus a state of serene awareness arises which is the field of pure wholeness within oneself. One feels bliss and joy at this state and slowly alters the state of health of oneself from unstable to a more stable state of being. Any opportunity during the day to do this breath exercise is enough to commence a new pattern of wholeness in our daily lives. Even during our busy schedules we get a chance to be free for a minute or two to come back and put attention to our breath.

Our state of health is essential for the collective consciousness as poor health affects everyone around us, therefore pure health also can be shared with everyone around us and uplifts them.

Suresh Mirchumal is a spiritual writer. “Well, you can categorize it like that, although I don’t call myself one. These thoughts come in effortlessly.” His aim is in a way to reach out to whoever gets inspired or has an eye opening event within them that may transcend their current state of consciousness. “Or let’s say current emotional state too. If one in a thousand benefits, that is already great.” Due to the current world state, lots of struggles and stresses, we seem to lose touch with that inner peace that we long for, Suresh explains. “I wish to ease that through these small articles or tidbits.” You will find his tidbits in Aruba Today from now on, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.